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About Us

Narda Goodson, CEO/Founder

Influence. Inspire. Infiltrate.

First Ladies of the​ Round Table is founded upon the principles of our early forefathers, "One Nation Under God".

FLRT is dedicated to maintaining and advancing the principles of a free society governed by Biblical principles. Our affairs extend from constitutional government, education, personal and religious liberties, to individual responsibility.

FLRT’s mission is to PROMOTE and DEVELOP the qualities of godly leadership and the drive for excellence within our cities and to familiarize each leader with the basic fundamentals by providing opportunities for growth and exposure.

FLRT offers resources to assist leaders in networking and information-sharing and provides local networking opportunities through a structure of regions, state councils, and chapters.

FLRT is a collaboration of godly women with integrity showing the way through good example, experience, education, knowledge, and by showing enthusiasm, spirit, and courage all the time.

FLRT are spiritual LEADER’S taking charge of their cities regardless of the pressure, willing to pay the price in effort and sacrifice through fasting and praying, taking advice and criticism in an effort to improve, and being humble and gracious to those they serve.

Today, we are asking you to partner with us. Joshua 1:3 states, "Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you".

~First Ladies of the Round Table™

Narda Goodson, CEO/Founder


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