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Conceived in Rape.

Born in Love.

Juda Myers

Founder Juda Myers was conceived in an 8 man rape. Her mother, Ann was not only devastated by the crime against her but the attitude of her own mother. Juda’s grandmother wanted Juda dead pressuring Ann to abort illegally. Thankfully Ann found help to give birth safely and place Juda for adoption. It was only in 2005 that Juda met her mother and learned of the horrid details. She has been a strong voice against “exceptions” and wants to see dignity restored where it has been stolen.

Juda has spoken at Harvard and the United Nations as well as many other places in the hope of influencing those who can change the world. She will not stop until dignity is restored or she leaves this world. Future plans include international work with women and children of rape conception. Invitations from India, Kenya, Uganda, and other countries are coming in.

She says, "It's not just about my personal story but about the millions of unheard stories. Their stories need to be heard too. There are people who are mental prisoners of society's class penalty. Society deems mothers and children of rape conception as the lowest class of society preferring to kill the child. And if a mother does not kill the child she and the child are shunned or attacked. I will not stop until this horrific prejudice is ended."

We provide answers to the question “what about in cases of rape” where pro abortionists and some pro life people use that as an excuse to destroy innocent children. The destruction of these innocent lives leaves behind traumatized and severely wounded women. We want to reduce the number of females raped as well as care for them if they become pregnant.

There is so much shame put on them that they live rejected and far below their full potential. Some are even suicidal when these mothers should be living as honored heroes. They truly are heroes for saving the life of human baby.

Jesus said the shepherd left the 99 and went looking for the one. If rape/incest is the 1% making abortion legal isn’t it about time we focus on the ONE thing that will end abortion on demand?

Sadly, it really is more than 1% because so many women never tell anyone that the child they aborted was conceived in rape. They live and sometimes die in regret and shame.

Many mothers are disowned by family or forced to abort their child. Friends are all too eager to tell the mother she doesn’t deserve this. But what she doesn’t deserve is a world that turns the crime of her rapist into her crime for wanting to keep the baby. The baby is targeted for death when the rapist most of the time goes unnoticed.

While many pro life people say they are against the killing of innocent unborn many support the "exception” clause excluding rape/incest children from the protection afforded other unborn. This in nothing more than pro choice with a different shirt. Life is life and babies are babies. NO EXCEPTION!

CHOICES4LIFE is educating the public about the real feelings of women who are pregnant through rape. Women who give birth and raise their children may have special needs and too ashamed to ask for help. We will help.

Some people think we are pro rape because we help women save the life of their baby conceived in rape. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Wanting an innocent baby to live cannot be compared to wanting a rapist to go free. But those same people who say we are pro rape have no problem letting the criminal free to rape again. The baby is killed and the rapist is free to rape again.

Women who give birth to children targeted for death should be honored. They are shamed, not believed and told their children conceived in violence are worthless.

We are giving them an official HONOR FOR LIFE award. We aim to eliminate or at least reduce the shame to allow the mother to fulfill her potential in life. Heroes save lives that are threatened with death. Mothers of babies conceived in rape are no less than heroes for saving their baby from society's death sentence.

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