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To learn more about Donna Stewart and find volunteer opportunities, fundraising event, and ways that you can support the Pollyanna Project Foundation, please visit

The PHILANTROPHY AWARD is awarded to recognize Royal Diadems who are busy influencing the world and making an impact in the lives of humanity. Today, we recognize and honor Donna Moore Stewart for her devotion, time, and dedication, but most importantly, her love for GOD and for answering the call concerning the welfare of the children around the world.

The Scriptures states in Matthew 25:40 - For in as much as you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto the LORD. GOD loves and is concerned about every part of our human nature - spirit, soul, and body - and when we answer the call of GOD for our lives, we become an active and an extension of that love for others.

Donna Moore Stewart has been faithfully serving humanity for the past 28 years. The born and raised Jamaican, who now resides in New York City shared that she first-handedly knows the pains of growing up in poverty.

Yesterday's painful experience has helped Donna embrace today's promise that has become a huge part of her destiny. The organization's slogan "Helping one hand at a time" is a true reflection of her own outstretched arms that extend, not only to the island of Jamaica, but to several rural villages in the continent of Africa.

The Pollyanna Project, which was named after her mother who passed in early 1995, has blossomed over the decades to become a very loved charitable organization that continues to pollinate its services by providing education, basic needs, and medical relief when possible to children and families around the world. 

Donna Moore Stewart is the founder of the Pollyanna Project and its mission is:

"To provide humanitarian relief for poor children, by way of donating educational supplies, basic necessities, and to furnish a stable educational development so that they can be lifted from subsistence to a life full of promise".

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