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The PHILANTROPY AWARD is awarded to recognize Royal Diadems & Diadems of Kings who are busy influencing the world and making an impact within the lives of humanity. Today, we recognize and honor Mobility Studio for their devotion, time, and dedication, but most importantly, their love for GOD and for answering the call concerning the welfare of the children and people around the world.


The Scriptures states in Matthew 25:40 - For in as much as you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto the LORD. GOD loves and is concerned about every part of our human nature - spirit, soul, and body - and when we answer the call of GOD for our lives, we become an active and an extension of that love for others.


Amobi Asogwa & Mobility Studio have been faithfully active and serving humanity for many years. The born and raised Nigerian, who resides in Enugu State, Nigeria understands whole-heartedly the economic pains and oppression that have plagued the country for decades.


Amobi Asogwa & Mobility Studio extends its arms of love and compassion to his people because the foremost calling on his life requires fulfilling the James 1:27 mandate.


The Mobility Studio Charity of Love is an organization devoted to providing relief, assistance, help, and welfare of people as GOD leads.


Amobi Asogwa is the CEO & founder of Mobility Studio a gospel record label and video production company in West Africa. There are so many wonderful qualities to this multifaceted, innovative, precious Kingdom gem; too many to list. But for those who know him personally, they can attest to the validity of the integrity and noble character and love for GOD he walks in. His mission is "Ahead. Ahead."

To learn more about Mobility Studio - Amobi Asogwa and to find volunteer opportunities and how you can support, please visit

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